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129 Miller Avenue
Mill Valley, CA


Guideboat Co.

Guideboat Company Flagship Store


located in the Mercantile Building

Open everyday 10-7

Growing up in the Adirondacks, many of Stephen Gordon’s fondest memories are of early morning rows on Lake Champlain and of 19th century Guideboats on the waters of the Upper St Regis and Loon Lakes. Acquiring a rare 1892 J.H. Rushton Guideboat a few years back he became intrigued with the idea of helping others create similar memories, young and old alike plying the waters. Gordon decided to build a new Guideboat, an identical Rushton hull design, an affordable rendition, American cherry trimmed, bronze fittings, hand made.

Gordon, no stranger to edited assortments having founded Restoration Hardware, was joined by Chad Hurley co-founder of YouTube, in launching a new Mill Valley, California based concept…a way-of-life purveyor, online and in store. In addition to the Guideboat, the company now builds a turn-of–the-century Maine Peapod and the 1949 Naples Sabot. The company flagship, workshop and offices are all housed in the 19th century historic Mill Valley Lumber Yard.

The company’s American made boats and gear led to a wealth of other Guideboat goods, a point of view driven assortment. All products are sourced from their country of provenance. Thus, a forester’s jacket is from where it was always made, in this case, America, and is not a replica from other shores. Because we’re committed to this viewpoint the resulting product mix is 99.5% American and European, all with a focus on honesty, authenticity and longevity. From German alpine rucksacks to wax wear field coats we make here, from authentic Swedish rainwear to American felling axes, LA sewn women’s shirting and London submariners sweaters...all from whence they came, difficult to accomplish but our passionately made promise.