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129 Miller Avenue
Mill Valley, CA



The Vision

Our goal is to:

• Repurpose the buildings on the property in a manner that maintains the sense and feel of history, while transitioning the interiors into desirable spaces that reflect the warmth and character of the site. No additional square footage is proposed.

• Create a welcoming environment with a mix of small retail and art studio/office space that serves the needs and desires of the community.

• Incorporate multi-functional spaces in the plan, which can encourage school creekside ecology lessons, history of Mill Valley displays, and other interactive events.

• Design an outdoor space in the center for relaxing, eating, and enjoying the views of Mount Tam and Corte Madera Creek, with flexibility to allow for special community centered gatherings, such as a preview of the Mountain Play, a school holiday choral event, art shows, or a special book reading.

• Encourage pedestrian and bike usage, by making an enjoyable place to walk from the adjacent neighborhoods, or access by bike. By opening a pedestrian access near Millwood Street, the site could be a safe alternative to traversing inbound Miller on foot. Pedestrians could wander through the Lumber Yard, with the option of crossing to the sidewalk on outbound Miller by the old bridge. The distance to the Plaza is less than 700 feet, closer than the distance from Old Mill Park to downtown. 

•   Reduce parking needs and traffic by promoting pedestrian and bike usage, as well as creating spaces for “locals to work locally.” The small studio office spaces (averaging 400 SF) will attract local artists and entrepreneurial uses, reducing the commute traffic to the impacted areas by the freeway entrances. In addition, the mix of retail, studio office and café will spread the uses throughout the day, and create less intensity than big retail, grocery and medical offices, that generate higher demand.

• Design areas throughout the property where friends can gather and socialize, or find a quiet spot by the creek and enjoy the interaction with nature. This vision will add additional beauty and vitality to the heart of Mill Valley, as a welcoming bridge to the rest of the downtown. It will serve the needs of the entire community while retaining and highlighting the important history and character of the town.


More specific information can be found on these topics here:

Land Use

Preserving History

Multimodal Transportation

Community Vitality

Environmental Support

The Owners

For over 25 years we have lived in Mill Valley, treasuring the town’s natural beauty and community centered character. We purchased the Lumber Yard to keep the buildings from being bulldozed and turned into residential units. We decided to revitalize the property into something that would encourage more community interaction and retain the history and character of it’s past.

- The Mathews Family