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129 Miller Avenue
Mill Valley, CA



Nestled in the shadows of Mount Tamalpais for over 100 years, the Mill Valley Lumber Yard has a rich history that provides connections to our past and hopes for the future. The history of the Mill Valley Lumber Yard property goes hand in hand with the beginnings of the town of Mill Valley as an epicenter for the lumber industries in the early 19th century.

Today, Mill Valley Lumber Yard is a working example of one of Marin County’s oldest, largest and most durable commercial properties reinventing itself in this new chapter. While many residents may never have entered the property during its earlier years, it remains a longstanding landmark along Miller Avenue, signifying the start of the hustle and bustle of the quaint town of Mill Valley. Moreover, the property is integrally associated with Arroyo Corte Madera del Presidio Creek, open vistas of Mt Tam and with the historic Northwestern Pacific Railroad, the courses of which were manifest in the original form of the property and its structures. These provide the foundation of the history and natural setting of Mill Valley.

Despite its long history, the Mill Valley Lumber Yard has had only eight owners over the years, all of who have made their own contributions to this history. The current owners, the Mathews, are continuing the tradition of working hard to retain the values of what makes this property so special and unique to the community.


These are the Lumber Yard owners:
c1892-1898 Robert Dollar - Dollar Lumber Co
1898-c1908  J.H.McInnes
c1908-c1912  R.C. Doherty - Doherty Lumber Co.
c1912-1956 N.P. Yost (changed name to Mill Valley Lumber Co)
1956-1988  J.L. Castleman
1988-1996  J.L. Castleman et. al., J. Merchant
1996-2004  J.Merchant
2004-2012  T. Cerri
2012- current   Matt and Jan Mathews

Source: Research provided by M. Hulbert, Preservation Architecture