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129 Miller Avenue
Mill Valley, CA


Multimodal Transportation

Encouraging Multimodal Transportation


  • By opening a pedestrian entrance next to the old cabinet shop, MVLY becomes the southern most entrance to the downtown from Miller Ave. Thereby encouraging those in surrounding neighborhoods to walk rather than drive to the town’s center.

  • Preference will be given for office/studio space to those that can walk, bike, or commute by bus. The small studio office space ( averaging 400 SF) will encourage "locals to work locally", reducing the commute traffic to the impacted areas of Mill Valley near the freeway entrances.
  • Bike racks, a bike "service" station, and other bike friendly options will encourage two wheel vs. four wheel parking.

  • Close proximity to public transit, as well as an on site drop off zone for shuttle busses and UBER/taxis will promote less single occupancy car trips downtown.