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129 Miller Avenue
Mill Valley, CA


Preserving History

Supporting Mill Valley's History


  • The proposed plan calls for the retention of all existing buildings, and to preserve the historic character of the site, which was established in 1892, prior to the incorporation of the City of Mill Valley.

  • The application calls for inclusion in a Historic Overlay District, which will preserve the site for future generations.

  • There will be historic information and plaques, designed with the help of the Historical Society, to highlight both the history of the Lumber Yard as well as Mill Valley.  References will also be included directing readers to the Mill Valley Library Historical room for more information.

  • Art and History classes from Mill Valley schools can utilize the Lumberyard as a classroom educational site.
  • The Mathews have sustained a business license under Mill Valley Lumber and are selling, via contract sales, select quantities of lumber to continue the lumber yard tradition.